3 Proven Methods to Successfully Get Your Ex Husband Back

You might like everyone else who have found themselves in your situation been asking yourself “how in the world am I going to get my ex husband back?” Be rest assured that you are not alone and believe it or not couples get back together every single passing day. With the right approach, knowing what to do and not to do, you can be sure of getting back together with your ex husband.

Due to the emotional composition of women, a breakup can really be a difficult time to process and come to terms with. This however does not mean men do not have emotional feelings but that women are generally likely to suffer more from a marriage breakup especially if children are involved.

In reality, a lot of marriages could have been savaged had the couples involved taken the appropriate steps at the right time. Too frequently when marriages breakup, the partners simply make one or two casual attempts at saving the marriage and then give up. While these attempts might have been sincere, they are often not enough when attempting to save a broken up marriage.

The first thing to do after a breakup is to give each other some space to get over the breakup. Your husband could just as well be feeling as sad as you are over the breakup. Moreover, immediately after a breakup, there is bound to be some amount of tension between you and your husband.

In reality, anything you do immediately after the breakup, regardless of what your intentions might be, will not achieve anything meaningful but may rather make your husband more tense, angry and upset with you. Giving your husband some space will allow both of you to calm down. This is also one of the most effective ways to get your husband to start missing you immediately after a breakup.

Secondly, there is the need to for you to come to terms with the reasons for the failure of your marriage. There is no smoke without fire, and there is no failed marriage without root causes. What did you do wrong on your part and where did he also go wrong? While your answer for the moment might be biased, it is however advised that you be as honest as possible while answering these questions. Pinpointing these mistakes and making the necessary changes where possible is the best way to improve your chances of getting back together with your ex husband.

The third step here would be to find a way to get back together. Most couples often wait for the other partner to break the silence. You cannot afford that here since you want to get back together with him. You may not want to lose face before your ex husband but if you can summon the courage after the no-contact phase you’ve gone through and ask him for a date, he is more likely than not to oblige your request. You have stroked his ego making him feel like he has the upper hand which is what most men like.

You can arrange to meet somewhere neutral but as the man in the relationship, you can allow him make the final decision. I cannot over-emphasize the need for you to be confident and very organized during this first date after the breakup. After all the pleasantries, first sincerely apologize for all the hurt you might have caused him because of the breakup. Afterwards, in a calm, direct and honest manner explain to him what you feel about the breakup in the light of what we’ve discussed above.

Tell him how much thinking you have undertaken about the relationship after the breakup and what you’ve come to discover without necessarily placing any blame on him. Tell him in honest terms, you would want both of you to give the relationship a second chance. Give him your word that you will do whatever it takes to avoid the mistakes in the past for the success of the relationship if he decides to give it a try.

Give him the benefit of the doubt about all what you have said. He may decide to give an answer on the spot or simply ask for time to think about it. If his initial answers are not positive, do not lose hope because if he is still interested in you with all what you have done, he will definitely want to get back together with you.

While these steps may not be 100% foolproof to get your ex husband back into your arms, they are surely the best options you have at getting back together with him – with an added stroke of luck. Be positive and all will go well.

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