5 Things Cheating Men Wish Women Knew

Cheating men aren’t evil men looking for an excuse to get their rocks off. Ok, they aren’t all evil men. In fact, most men who cheat love their wives very much but wish she could or would do something specific for them.

Cheating isn’t the end of your marriage unless you decide that’s how you want your marriage to end. Many great couples have dealt with the betrayal of infidelity and managed to work through for long and ultimately happy marriages.

The rocky road to happily ever after begins with women learning many of the common reasons men cheat and taking action to prevent that from happening in the future.

Here are five things men wish women knew about their cheating.

1) Cheating isn’t about love. It isn’t about the presence of absence of love in either relationship. Love is the last thing on your husband’s mind when he is cheating. Don’t make it about something it isn’t if you want to keep it from happening again.

2) It’s not about looks. Most of the time the person he’s cheating on you with doesn’t hold a candle in comparison to you (as far as your husband is concerned). Regardless of what you believe, she usually appeals to him on a different level than you and looks have little to do with the attraction he feels for the other woman.

3) The grass isn’t always greener. Most men figure out quickly that while the other woman seems tempting at first, nine times out of ten she’ll ultimately want more from him than he is willing to give or her true colors will shine through. This is when he’ll realize how great he has things at home with you.

4) He hates the secrets and lies as much as you do but often feels as if he’s in too deep to stop things at this point. It could be that the other woman has threatened to go public with the affair and he’s trying to save you the embarrassment as well so he keeps on going with the other woman and telling you the same secrets and lies he doesn’t believe are convincing to begin with.

5) You can put an end to his cheating. It’s not your fault that it is happening and it isn’t happening because you are a bad wife or mother. However, there are steps you can take that will have your man much less willing to risk his happy home and marriage by cheating again.

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