Avoid These Words and Save Your Marriage – The Deadly Phrases That Would Get You Divorced

Wish to know what would ‘kill’ a relationship?


How can one offend his or her partner enough to cause a break up and even a divorce?


Here are a few of things you should never say (if you wish to save your marriage and keep the relationship going).


If you are already separated from your loved one – think: Have you used these words?


1. “You never…”


This is a broad statement that is almost always false. Once you say this your mate will immediately recall all those times when they DID do precisely the things you’re accusing them of not doing. This is not a productive thing to say. It’s going to put your spouse on the defensive attitude.


2. “You jerk / nag / bastard / bitch”


Insulting your spouse is entirely disrespectful, hurtful, and childish. You should be capable of having an disputation that doesn’t reach the level of name-calling.


3. “Just calm down.”


Ordering someone to cool down or calm down always seems to have the diverse effect. Most people don’t respond well to this sort of implication.


4. “You look terrible / fat / ridiculous”


Most women are touchy about their looks (men too…), and if you tell your wife that she looks fat you will certainly make her angry and get the argument going nowhere fast.


All of us have our sore spots, so it’s a good idea to pay attention to how your words affect your spouse… and take note of what NOT to say.


If you can not find anything nice to say, at least do not worsen the situation by saying the wrong things.



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