How Do I Get My Ex Back After A Breakup?

A break up is definitely a setback but need not be the end. If you have suffered a break up, it will be perfectly alright for you to start thinking “How do I get my ex back after a breakup?” If someone were to ask you “If this is what you want, then why did you break away from your ex in the first place? ” it may sound perfectly rational but not at all realistic. The reality is that a large number of people go through the cycle of acquaintance, dating, relationship break up and reunion. So your desire to get back with your ex is not unusual. There is a way for you to find an answer to the question: How do I get my ex back after a break up.

Get in touch with him: You will naturally hesitate to approach your ex after you two have broken up. But this is an unavoidable first step. Ask for a meeting with him. He is not likely to say no but if he does, persuade him a little but not too much. If you find that he is not inclined to meet you, just tell him to call you whenever he is willing to meet you. He is sure to call you soon afterwards, at least out of curiosity. Don’t tell him the purpose. Just say that you want to meet with him once.

Look into his eyes and speak: At the meeting, smile a lot and be jovial. Start speaking in general about what you are doing. Ask him about his activities. When you speak, have an eye contact. When you look into his eyes and speak, you will feel confident and your communication will be more effective. Moreover, your ex will also feel your power when you look into his eyes.

Release your charm: Act and speak as you did when you were dating each other. You don’t have to flirt but if he does, do not resist. For your part, just be a loving girl. After some initial chat, suggest to him gently that you can get back together. If he brings in the past differences, tell him that you can talk over things and make a beginning. Do not argue your case at length. Just plant the idea and take leave. Let him think over it. In all probability, he will cal, if only to say that it may not work. But you don’t have to accept this as rejection. You can keep the dialog going for a while and eventually you will succeed in your desire to get back with your ex.

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