How To Save Marriage After An Affair – Surviving The Terrible Storm

“I had an affair with someone.”


First off, I must admire your courage and honesty for admitting that you’ve had an affair after your marriage – something that could ruin a lovely picture you’ve painted with your life and love partner.


BUT I’d bet that one thing is certain, the question: how to save marriage after an affair is resounding and repeating in your mind right now.


A fact: nothing can be as heartbreaking and as shattering for you or your partner than realizing that the bond you’ve built was betrayed in the ultimate way.


The torrent of emotions, the anger, and the guilt that both of you are going through right now cannot be described by mere words.


It will raise self-doubt on your partner’s end – Am I caring enough? Where did I lack? What mistakes have I made?


Those questions are running across his/her head right now.


It seems like it’s impossible to rebound from this blow to your marriage. BUT, don’t lose hope as couples from different walks of life have successfully bounced back from an affair.


It even resulted to a more committed, loving, and tight marriage.


YES, you can learn how to save a marriage after an affair and totally clean that stained picture of you relationship.


I’ll be laying down 3 things you need to keep in mind on how to save a marriage after an affair. Keep in mind that this is NOT some potion or love spell that would make your partner forget everything in a snap.


You MUST work your way through these steps on how to save a marriage after an affair. There will be obstacles along the way. Nevertheless, it’s doable.


Here we go!


How To Save Marriage After An Affair: Taking A Time-Out


For sure, your minds and hearts will be filled with emotions with all sorts of intensity.


Anger, guilt, regret, resentment – these are just some of the feelings that may be burdening both of you. If you are to take action NOW, you’ll be handicapped by the clouded vision that you have and could easily lead to unwise decisions.


Deciding to end it for good, shouting back at your partner, digging your partner’s mistakes and throwing it back at her – these are just some of the things that you could end up doing.


And let me tell you, no relationship was saved by doing such.


Take a time-out away from the kids and partner. Let the tension subside.


How To Save Marriage After An Affair: Sincerely Apologize


A sincere apology can go a very long way – and it can take you back to your wife or husband’s heart.


Do NOT make reasons or excuses why you cheated or had an affair. That will only result in another heated argument.


Let your partner know that you genuinely admit your mistakes and want to rebuild things. There is no perfect line that can make your partner see your sincerity.


It MUST come from within – the desire to be forgiven and start fresh.


Believe me, a sincere apology can wipe a nastily tainted wall.


How To Save Marriage After An Affair: Persistence


Persist! Be like small droplets of water that consistently drip and hit a boulder.


No matter how touch that rock is, it will break.


Your partner may not reciprocate with the same care and love you’re showering him or her. Certainly, there is a barrier FOR NOW.


It will take time and work on your part. BUT that barrier is not strong enough to resist your persistence. It will crack slowly but surely leaving the lines of communication between your life and love partner open once more.



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