Save Your Relationship Using 3 Unconventional Strategies

Are you at a cross-road junction, feeling confused on how you can save your relationship? With all the turbulence and roller-coaster going on, it is only natural that you are at a total lost on how to handle your relationship matters! If this is where you are now, you may want to consider seeking professional advice. A relationship expert can step in with fresh eyes, and provide you with ideas and solutions to save your relationship.


I crossed path with a relationship visionary who wrote an e-book. He has helped countless couples patched and saved their going-downhill relationships with some of the most unconventional ideas and solutions. The thing is these ideas worked! Try using these unconventional strategies to save your relationship, no matter where you stand.


1. Accept the fact that you have broken off with your ex. It is tough, but it has to be done. Once you do that, it is like have a stone lifted off your shoulder. You will begin to think a lot more objectively, which will in turn help you comprehend why the breakup happened without being prejudice. On top of that, you must give your ex some space to breathe. He or she may be upset or angry over the breakup, even more if you have been pestering about reconciliation. Give it time, and he or she may learn to respect or miss you again.


2. Terminate all communications. Yes, you hear me right! Now you may be asking, “What? Are you nuts?” Look, this technique is proven. By terminating all communications, you are indirectly communicating to your ex that you are firm about the breakup. Simultaneously, you are giving yourselves space and quiet time to clear your minds and do some soul searching. With a good clear mental health, you are ready to set up the next technique.


3. Finally, plan for an occasion where two of you can hook up again. It could be at a gym, or hobbyist gathering. It all sounded so easy, but the fact is this requires much planning and significant steps that you cannot omit. Every step is tactical and crucial. Do this correctly, and you win half the battle.


Nothing remains status quo forever. Things change given time, people and relationship change as well. If you have taken proactive actions with the right strategies to save your relationship, I am sure this difficult and challenging period to come to pass. All you need is your loving heart, patience, the strong determination and the right strategies. All the best!



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